A Small, Accurate Digital Alerting Thermometer & Hygrometer

It's easy! A painless 1 minute install will give you immediate notifications of over/under temperature or humidity conditions.

TempElertUSB is an economical solution to monitoring server rooms, food storage systems, greenhouses, vacation homes, or anyplace where you are concerned about temperature or humidity conditions causing damage to mission critical systems or processes. This simple USB device runs under 32 and 64 bit Windows based PC's, and is powered by your computer’s USB port.

Instant Real time temperature alerts: email, cell, pager Plug and Play - no drivers needed
Powered from USB port - no batteries to fail Monitors temperature, humidity, & dewpoint
1 year warranty, free support Runs in background, logs data, Excel export


  • Temperature and humidity email alerts issued in real-time
  • -20 to +70°C (-4 to +158°F) measurement range for temperature and dewpoint, 0 to 100% relative humidity measurement range
  • User-Programmable alarm thresholds for temperature & RH%, plus dewpoint
  • Can also message to most any cell phone, pager, or other email enabled hand-held device
  • Runs automatically as Windows starts
  • Stays minimized in the system tray unless you want to view the live data screen
  • Logs all temperature, humidity, and dewpoint readings to disk automatically every second
  • Intelligent logging system writes only new data, preventing huge file sizes
  • Real-time temperature, humidity, and dewpoint graphs
  • Display and alert on Celsius or Fahrenheit settings
  • Audible alarm on alerts
  • Can email the log once every 24 hours to any email address
  • Export data to Excel feature built in
  • Support for SMTP and SSL email server authentication
  • Email test button to ensure you get the settings right
  • Can send alerts to multiple email addresses simultaneously
  • Includes an import wizard to automatically import your email account settings (see the screenshots page)
  • Runs on Windows Windows XP (32 bit only), Server2003/2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Legacy downloads are available for Windows 2000 but are not officially supported. See our support page.
  • Automatically handles 32 or 64 bit operation on the OS's listed above
  • Blue LED activity indicator on the TempElertUSB tells you it is operating
  • Can be extended away from the PC to the monitoring location via USB cable or Cat5 cable with our optional accessories
  • BONUS - Included on the CD ROM is an optional use networked system shutdown program (PowerBug) that you can operate remotely to shut down all machines in a server room if you get an over-temperature condition.


  • TempElertUSB sensor unit
  • TempElertUSB Windows software on CD-ROM
  • PowerBug remote system shutdown software on CD ROM
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Printable Manual on CD and within the program
  • Storage case

Why TempElertUSB?

  • Simple and easy - and we mean simple and easy - this philosophy pervades the design
  • No big learning curves are needed - if you can run a web browser (you're here right?) you can run this
  • Setup once and forget it - TempElertUSB will monitor to the settings you choose and alert you if there's a problem
  • Reliable and trouble free - no batteries to worry about, no maintenance of any kind
  • Works with a wide variety of email servers, has it's own built in if you don't have one available
  • Standard design philosophy - no hostile applications or controls to install, no strange protocols, no proprietary networking methods
  • Compact design - small enough to mount most anywhere
  • Low impact - the software is benign, low CPU use running in background, no modification of critical system files
  • Inexpensive yet effective - TempElertUSB costs a lot less than other solutions - low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Flexible - can be extended away from the monitoring PC up to 100 meters (328 feet) with optional Cat5 cable adapter
  • Quality - not some cheap Chinese knockoff - TempElertUSB is a solid solution for mission critical applications, why trust anything less?
  • Service - we stand behind the product, we answer the telephone, we respond to our customers. Real people, and a real company - not a PO Box.

Datasheet: TempElertUSB_datasheet.pdf (1MB)


TempElert USB is available for next day delivery from stock if ordered by 2PM PST.

Video: our 1 minute install!

Double click video for full screen


TempElertUSB is ROHS compliant